Why do I need a Blog?

27 Mar

I was given the task to create a Blog by one of my professors of Information Technologies.  So I thought I may be wise to find out on the web what is the big fuss about having a Blog, here is what I found:

    1. If you have the time and you want to share the news, stories, interesting articles or nice pictures (personal or not) you may do that in a blog. Be careful what you publish, a lot of people may be able to see it… and reproduce it.
    2. If you have a business or a particular expertise that you can monetize, you want to have a Blog that creates fresh content that may attract people that shares your interest.
    3. If you want to share interesting articles or videos in an organized way, this may be the way to go, but I am still to find that out.

All in all, as you may know already, things in internet grow old pretty fast, so if you are not planning to post on your blog once a week at least, don’t bother to have one, you may as well keep your Facebook account alive and you should be ok.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that I found out that made sense to me:

    • Do post regularly, I said already that things grow old very fast on the internet, plus if you don’t post new content, the Google spiders will never acknowledge your existence.
    • Do make sure that your followers have a way to contact you, try to include discrete links with your twitter and webpage information, otherwise it does not make sense.
    • Do try to make immediately apparent to your visitors the objective or theme of your blog (and I am not following my own advise)…
    • Do subscribe to your own blog… you need to experience the pain that your subscribers are experiencing.
    • Do not post unrelated information, I think that visitors may not appreciate scattered or off-message blogging, then they will not come back.
    • Do not mix business and private live (as far as I am concerned that is a rule]). If you are connecting a Twitter or Facebook account in your blog, you probably want to have your business related account and a personal related account. Maybe not, I am just saying.

I hope this helps… comments are Welcome.


One Response to “Why do I need a Blog?”

  1. Elias March 30, 2012 at 14:47 #

    Very interesting blog, to be the 1st one. Congratulations!

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